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concrete foundations and doorway cutting We are located Just North of Boston Massachusetts.

Our Service area for Cutting Concrete Foundations and concrete floors is as far as Worcester and Fitchburg Massachusetts, to Portland Maine and Manchester New Hampshire to Hingham MA and Brockton MA to Cape Cod and the Islands and everywhere in between. We service Boston, The North and South Shores and Metro West.

Concrete Cut and Core and Very Accurate Concrete Cutting with world class Basement Refinishing Preparation
We have provided service in every city there is within our service area many times. We have done Jobs in Newton MA, Shrewsbury MA and Sudbury MA. We have dispatched our trucks to Wayland and Weston and we have done concrete cutting and contract drilling in Waltham MA and Westwood for concrete Sawing.

We provide service in Lawrence, Malden, Melrose, Quincy, Scituate, Portsmouth NH, Billerica, Chelmsford and Nashua, New Hampshire. Again...with no travel charge or fees whatsoever.

Basement Remodeling

Installing a Toilet, a Sink, a Shower Stall and/or a Whirlpool Bathtub in your Basement
When remodeling a basement, homeowners should consider all of the possibilities and options available so that they end up with a living space that is much more than just four walls and a floor. One of the main things to consider when rehabbing your basement is: "should I put a bathroom in your basement?" Having a new bathroom in your basement usually frees up valuable bathroom space upstairs and allows elbow room for the growing family. Another great reason for installing at least a toilet and sink in your basement is for convenience. If the newly remodeled area is to be used as a family room, a den, play room or as a basement bedroom it will be much easier for everyone to use the bathroom facilities. One can run into problems if they try to add a bathroom to a remodeled basement after the construction process has already begun. It is very important that if you decide to add a bathroom in your basement, whether it be just a sink and a toilet, with a stand up shower or a full bathroom with a whirlpool tub to add the plumbing and drain pipes first. The reason for this is because adding underground (under the concrete) plumbing can be a messy and disrupting process that is most adequately performed when the basement is stripped and there is nothing left to be damaged.

Installing a Sump Pump or a Dry Basement System in your Basement to Prevent Moisture.
No finished basement is complete without some form of water protection. The next thing to consider, and for a long term solution at that, is the addition and installation of a sump pump or a complete french drain system. You must keep your basement dry and moisture free if you are going to transform it into useful living space for the long term. Moisture leads to mold , bacteria and sometimes an infestation of bugs and insects that like the cold damp areas that moisture creates. Too many times a beautiful basement remodel / repair is abandoned because of a flood that damages it, along with all of your valuables, because of an unforeseen basement flood. Many homeowners will come out and tell you "I have water seeping into my basement" or "how can I stop water from coming into my basement?" The fact that most homeowners suffer from some sort of basement moisture is easy to believe, the problem is that you need to know exactly what you are dealing with. Is the water coming in from a high water table in the neighborhood or is it from hydrostatic pressure coming from underneath the house. Also if you do spend the time and money to install a dry basement system will it actually work or is your problem just to large to resolve. Many homeowners will try and install a sump pump or two and see if they control the basement water in their house first and either realize that doing so solves the problem and if it does not, they will then spend the money and install a complete french drain or use other dry basement technologies in Boston.

Making New Emergency Egress, Adding Bulkhead Stairs or Making Those Tiny Basement Windows Much Larger.

A home improvement project in Massachusetts, like a basement refinishing overhaul, is never complete without the addition of natural sunlight. Without large amounts of sunlight your basement is still just an ordinary old basement. But add massive amounts of natural sunlight and you will turn your basement into a sanctuary. People and pets are drawn to natural sunlight and they naturally avoid dark, damp and dreary areas. The easiest and most cost effective way to accomplish adding sunlight to your basement is to have a concrete cutter saw new or larger window openings into your concrete foundations. The results may seem prehistoric as if a mason or masonry contractor used a sledge hammer and a chisel or a hand saw with a diamond blade and a jackhammer but on the contrary a professional concrete cutter uses the proper concrete cutting equipment and leaves a perfectly smooth, plumb and level opening, ready to frame and add a window. To top it off it only takes a couple of hours per opening so the concrete cutting phase never sets you back on schedule. Some local building codes require a homeowner, that is remodeling their basement, to add some source of "emergency egress" or exit from the basement in case of a fire or other unforeseen situation. These codes, as well as all others are set in place for safety and to save lives.

In Conclusion to Planning a Basement Remodeling or Refinishing Project:
In short...adding a new floor and some walls is the very least you can do to remodel your basement. To refinish your basement properly or to remodel your basement completely it is very important that you do it right from the beginning. Whether it be drawn on a napkin or planned out and drawn up by an Architect your basement should have a dry basement system, working plumbing fixtures and plenty of natural sunlight above all else.

We are located just north of Boston MA.

We provide concrete cutting and core drilling for basement remodeling in the following communities, cities and towns in Massachusetts and many more.

Acton, Arlington, Arlington Heights, Ashby, Ashland, Auburndale, Ayer, Ayres City, Babbatasset Village, Baker Bridge, Beaver Brook, Station Bedford, Bedford Springs, Belmont, Belvidere, Bemis, Billerica Brook Station, Coburnville, Cochituate, Collinsville, Concord, Countryside, Cummingsville, Devenscrest, Dracut, Dunstable, Eastview Park, Edgeworth, Eliot, Everett, Farm Hill, Faulkner, Felchville, Fells, Flints Corner, Follen Heights, Forge Village, Four Corners, Framingham Center, Frederick Corner, Gleasondale Station, Glendale, Glenwood, Gooch Corners, Graniteville, Greenwood, Groton, Hastings, Havenville, Hayden Row, Hayward Corner, Hendersonville Highlands, Holliston, Hopkinton, Hovey Corner, Bleachery, Boxboro, Station Braggville Station, Brattle, Brookside Station, Browns Corner, Burlington, Burtts Crossing, Cambridge and Cambridgeport Massachusetts

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