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Can I Add a Shower to my Basement Bathroom?

Add a Shower to my Basement Bathroom Are you are thinking about remodeling the bathroom in your basement and refinishing or adding a stand up shower to it? If so then you must consider all of the choices available. We live in an age that allows us many choices in decors and functionality for what we want in our homes. We can choose from comfortable old favorites to modern, high quality plumbing fixtures. When looking to remodel or install a shower in your basement bathroom, you have many things to consider.

You must start by planning! Planning and measuring and then planning and shopping for ideas. You must first know the size of the bathroom that you wish to install a basement shower. You may already have a shower that is already installed.By removing the old worn out shower you will be able to tell whether or not any of the existing plumbing pipes, drains, faucets or fixtures will need to be repaired or ripped out and completely replaced. You must take into consideration where the drains are located in the concrete floors and how stable the sub floor is. As soon as you determine the condition and location of the plumbing then you can proceed to the design stages.

Visiting the nearest Lowes, Home Depot or home improvement store should give you a tremendous amount of ideas. If you don't even want to leave the house you don't have to. You can browse and shop with literally thousands of online goliath web sites and/or even small specialty web sites that can give you a myriad of choices. Bathroom showers for your basement remodeling project can come in hundreds of sizes and shapes and are typically made from different qualities of plastic materials. You will need to consider whether you want to have an open area surrounded by tile walls or more of a plastic basement bathroom shower stall that is enclosed with a glass shower door. Some elaborate high end showers can be made from stone, such as granite and marble, or quality ceramic tiles. Other lower end showers, that are more commonly used, are made from light steel, porcelain or quality plastics. Determining your needs, likes and dislikes is important but mostly the choice is up to your budget. Your budget will go much further if you are going to DIY or Do it Yourself.

Once you have the basement bathroom shower completely installed and now that the plumbing works great, the tile looks perfect and the bathroom fixtures are functional, you will need to consider shower curtains and towels to match your bathroom decor. You can locate hundreds of linen designs at the department store of your choice. Bathroom shower curtains are an affordable way to add privacy but shower doors are much better. Bathroom shower doors are a great way to keep the water in the shower and off of the basement floor. Bathroom shower doors made of glass are much heavier than those made of plastics, but either of the two choices will come with a blurred or fog like surface that allows privacy.

Is your basement bathroom remodeling shower project complete? Do you like the results of your completed home improvement project? Remodeling your basement bathroom or installing a new basement bathroom can be a great way to increase the overall value and comfort of your home. Finding things that you can not only use, but that you enjoy as well, makes the home improvement or remodeling project an unforgettable and enjoyable task.

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