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What Are Massachusetts Building Codes? Do I Need a Permit?

Massachusetts Building Codes, National Building CodesMassachusetts Building Codes are based on The National Building Codes. The Massachusetts Building Codes vary from The National Building Codes slightly and if there are any variations they are usually stricter than The National Codes. Building Codes represent the minimum acceptable level of safety to protect the health, general welfare and safety of the public.

What is a Code Violation?
Massachusetts Building Codes are set forth as law to ensure that structures that are built from the ground up, remodeled completely or that even have minor repairs done are built as safely as possible. Home improvement and building contractors as well as electricians, plumbers and framers must follow these strict guidelines. The work of these contractors is overseen and inevitably approved by the local code enforcers such as Building Inspectors, Electrical Inspectors and Plumbing Inspectors. Home and basement remodeling and additions can easily be built cost effectively and safe if proper planning and situations are taken into consideration. It is very important for the building contractor and the homeowner to both completely understand local building codes prior to starting any home improvement project in Massachusetts.

Are Building Permits Required in Massachusetts?
Building Permits are required for most building addition, basement remodeling or home improvement projects. In order to acquire a building permit for construction a homeowner or building contractor must present a set of plans or ideas to the Building Department or the Inspectional Services Department of the town or county where the work is to be completed.

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