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Installing a Small Bathroom Basement.

Installing a Small Bathroom BasementAs far as your basement bathroom is concerned, larger doesn't always mean better - It's all about making the best use of space from a menial size that you are dealing with! Designing a basement bathroom that is small and that has less space than your upstairs bathroom but that is big on style, decor and functionality should be a lot more rewarding.

This small basement bathroom guide to utilizing a small basement bathroom follows three easy rules...

How do I make my Small Basement Bathroom Seem Larger?
A great way of designing a small basement bathroom with limited square footage is by giving the appearance of a much larger space. Most importantly, decide to paint your bathroom walls in lighter colors like creams, whites and mauves. Darker paints will reduce the feeling of space inside a small bathroom in your basement.

Bathroom Lighting Fixtures
The proper usage of lighting fixtures is also very important when expanding the look of your small basement bathroom. By lighting those areas of the bathroom that are prone to shadows with movable track lights will appear to open the room up even more.

Using Mirrors to Increase Space
By generating the feeling of a much larger space with the use of a bathroom mirror or mirrors, one can change the entire feel of a small basement bathroom. Properly placing mirrors can unequivocally change the appearance of a basement bathroom to allow the bathroom to sometimes appear even twice the size. By placing a large mirror on the back wall of the bathroom as a focal point along with adding small mirror tiles on the side walls you can increase the effect.

How do I Utilize Hidden or Difficult to Access Space in My Basement Bathroom?
Now it is time to start thinking outside of the box! Ask yourself, "Can you utilize space in your bathroom that does not appear to be usable?" You should start by looking at the floor level and by identifying any available bottom-level nooks in your newly remodeled bathroom. Keep in mind that with a lions claw style bathtub that under bath storage is a great way to keep cleaning agents and towels hidden. When you are fighting to acquire lower level space, wall hung racks and towel bars will provide needed ground room.

Now it is time to examine the higher level areas of the basement bathroom. Modern looking hangers and hooks can easily replace the need for bulky closet boxes in your bathroom. While a nice big ladder rung heated towel rack can allow for the neat hanging of all of your towels and bath robes.

You must try and not give up on the difficulties that weird and unusual areas of your bathroom may offer you. Corner and wall cabinets and small sink basins can be squeezed in to the most difficult areas, and at the same time specially fitted bathroom furniture and baskets will also provide a great use of space.

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