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Concrete Foundation Emergency Egress Door and Windows

What is a Means of Egress or an Emergency Egress?

A means of "Egress" simply means an opening that allows entry into or an exit from a structure. There are building codes that determine what size, shape dimension and/or where a means of egress is located in a building or structure. The two main means of egress or emergency egress openings include a window, with or without a window well or scapewell and a doorway which usually includes a set of precast concrete stairs or if it is on the entry level (walk out basement) a sliding door.
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Most building codes require at least two adequate means of egress for a basement refinish or remodel. You should always check with your local governing body that is in charge of building codes prior to starting any home improvement project. Usually (especially in Massachusetts) the law requires a window and a door and in most cases there must be a window in each room that is to be used primarily as a bedroom in the basement. This is in case of emergencies such as fires. A window of adequate dimensions will allow an occupant to safely escape harm very easily and unobstructed. Your building Inspector will tell you what your code requirements are for emergency egress. Despite their bad reputations as trouble makers and budget killers most are there and willing to help you in your home improvement, building and remodeling questions.

Paying attention to local building codes only assures your safety and that of your family's safety. Nothing is more important!

Basement Escape Routes
ScapeWEL or Scapewell Egress Window Wells
ScapeWEL Window Wells allow light and improve ventilation into your basement. Scapwels also comply with building codes for emergency egress into basements. Scapewells allow for safety, warmth and comfort in your newly renovated basement or home improvement project. Standard window wells restrict the amount of incoming light and still leave basements dark and dreary. The innovative ScapeWEL window well becomes a code-compliant safe escape route for basement space when basements are opened up for additional living area. Not only does a basement refinishing project or complete remodel by adding larger windows each with ScapeWel window well improve the value of your home, but you will also have additional selling features that will allow you to sell your existing home faster. Most of all, the ScapeWEL window well system is very easy to install and saves tremendous amounts of time and energy over the use of other window well methods.

The easy to install, safe and handsome system simply snaps together prior to install which makes it very easy to ship and/or transport to your job site. By cutting in new windows and adding a ScapeWEL to each you will add a tremendous amount of natural sunlight and create the safest basement living area available.

Precast Concrete Stairs and Bulkhead

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